It’s been months and months and your ex who broke your heart contacts you out of the blue.. WTF right? You have put in all this work to move on, you have worked on yourself and poof all that hard work goes out the window the moment you read that message.

There really is no way of knowing an exact reason as to why your ex is reaching out to you but here is a list of reasons that may have sparked him/her to contact you. Some are good reasons and some are not so good reasons.

The Good

  1. The grass isn’t greener…and they are slowly starting to realize that. They are reaching out because this realization is just starting to hit them.
  2. They genuinely miss you and are thinking about you.

The Bad

  1. Ego – Simple as that – Your ex wants to still see if they have an effect on you. The single life is not as magical as they had hoped and they need their ego stroked from you. If they just want an ego stroke their goal is to get that boost of confidence and then will most likely drop the conversation once their ego cup is full.


  1. They may be feeling guilty about the breakup and want to release the sense of guilt off their shoulders. They will probably say something like “Let Be Friends” Etc.


  1. They are using you as a “security blanket” to shield them from loneliness until someone else comes along. Again the ego.

All of these are possibilities why your ex may be contacting you but they themselves are the only person who really knows. Getting that first text after some time will probably throw you into a tailspin of emotions but I want you to remember to relax, take a step back and be honest with yourself.

So, do you go back with an ex?
Before striking back up with an ex, consider the following:

  • You can’t “go back” to an old relationship… unless you want the same results. Going back to an ex means you will start a new relationship with someone from your past. You have to release what you think you know and get to know them all over again.
  • Don’t jump into bed right away… especially if the sex was incredible. You’ll risk repeating your old relationship by fooling yourself about the level of connection.
  • Don’t focus on the past… unless you are reminiscing about good times. Past disagreements (or what broke you up) can be discussed… but then you need to leave it alone.
  • Above all… take your time. Let the new relationship reveal its own possibilities, and you’ll see what’s possible.

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